A warning - once you try the real deal of concentrated soap you'll never use a commercial shampoo or shower gel again!

EXTRA thick lather with a tiny amound of our soap paste if you use it as it is! OR YOU CAN DILUTE IT

1 lb paste yields  up to 4 lbs   finished product

Reconstitution recommendations: Use Distilled water - no need to boil it! Dilute 4:1 ratio and allow to sit for approximately 8 hours to dissolve, stirring occasionally until well blended.

GENERALY...Dilution Ratios are recommended from 1:1 through 4:1 ~ depending on the concentration of base you are seeking to achieve.
                                                 How to dilute the Concentrated shampoo?
                                                             A little secret how to make it :

Step 1 :*One part paste.. mix it with one part distilled water, let it stay overnight. Example: 16 oz paste + 16oz distilled water

Step 2 : *Next day just add one part distilled water( 16oz) again and mix it (or break the paste in smaller pieces in the water) and let it stay overnight again.

Step 3 :* If the paste is still very thick…repeat step 2 with less water ..about 8oz… mix it and let it stay overnight.

Step 4 : If paste is thick repeat step 3

Repeat again till you have a liquid that is satisfy with the thickness you want.

You can use this soap paste for everything you can imaging ..make shampoos, make liquid for foam bottles, use it for your kitchen etc, .

YOU CAN ADD YOUR FAVORE SCENT and/or  Vitamin E   after Dilution 

We make it simple for you to finalize your formulations. Make from a thick Liquid Gel to a thin Liquid Soap Base for use in Foamer Bottles…The choice is yours!

Made with luxurious Cold press  extra virgin Olive  oil,  - Castile - old fashion !!

We've spared no expense and cut no corners to produce the finest Quality paste Soap!!

1 POUNT Concentrated soap from LONG ISLAND ORGANICS house!!


Pure emu oil face cream
Unscented Concentrated 
       Shampoo paste
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