SPECIAL FOOT and ELBOW CREAM that Softens calluses and smoothes away roughness!!

Blend Contain: Organic Shea Butter, Soothing Aloe butter, Extra virgin cold press Olive oil from Greece, Organic Avocado oil, Pure cold press Castor oil, Organic Jojoba oil, Lanolin, graded Rosemary and Pure Vitamins A,B1, B2, D, and E.

Organic Raw SHEA BUTTER: Organic Shea Butter can be considered a natural vitamin A cream. Vitamin A contributes to organic shea butter’s ability to help every type of skin problem.

Organic Shea Butter is also rich in Vitamin E. This allows the shea butter to increase circulation and blood flow to the skin thereby allowing more oxygen to reach the tissues and also serve as an anti-oxidant to prevent skin damage caused by free radicals.

Organic Avocado oil It penetrates deeply into the skin. It is a rich source of vitamin A and D that are very vital for the human body. It also has a high content of lecithin and potassium!

Avocado offers tremendous nutritional advantages and therefore, it is regarded as one of the best fruits gifted to us by Mother Nature. It is rich in Vitamin A, B1, B2, D, and E, which are very essentially required for proper growth and wellbeing of humans. It also contains the amino acids, sterols, pantothenic acid, lecithin, and other essential fatty acids . It is especially useful for people suffering from skin problems . It is extremely beneficial in treating skin disorders such as Eczema and Psoriasis. Also, it blocks the way for sunrays, thereby protecting your skin from being destroyed by blazing heat of sun. It nourishes the skin and returns the lost glow and charm to the skin.

Jojoba oil: Jojoba oil helps promote healing of the skin in many ways. It has antimicrobial properties, which means it actually discourages the growth of some bacterial and fungal microbes that attack the skin. In addition, the chemical composition of jojoba closely resembles that of the skin’s natural sebum, so it is easily absorbed and rarely causes allergic reactions, even in the most sensitive individuals.

Jojoba oil is actually composed of liquid wax esters rather than oil. The body’s natural sebum also contains wax esters, which act as a sort of natural moisturizer and environmental barrier for the skin.

Jojoba oil can prevent the skin from becoming too oily. Because the structure of jojoba oil so closely resembles natural sebum, it can actually trick the skin into producing less natural sebum, which, unlike jojoba, can clog pores. Jojoba oil may help treat acne, both by reducing sebum production and by protecting the skin from harmful bacteria.

Jojoba oil contains many important nutrients, such as vitamin E, B complex vitamins, and the minerals silicon, chromium, copper, and zinc. It also contains a lot of iodine, which may be where jojoba gets its ability to fight against bacterial and fungal infection. In addition to acne, jojoba has traditionally been used to treat canker sores, cold sores, athlete’s foot, and warts.

EXTRA VIRGING COLD PRESS OLIVE OIL from Greece: quality olive oil contains valuable vitamins and nutrients, and it is loaded with antioxidants, which help protect the body from cancer.

It is a great skin moisturizer, in part because it contains linoleic acid, a compound not made by the body, but which prevents water from evaporating.

Some of the most exciting news, according to Baumann, is that olive oil also contains at least four different antioxidants, which can help "neutralize damaging free radicals that can lead to skin aging and skin cancer. Olive oil as body moisturizer, it contains powerful antioxidant that can help retain the beauty of your skin, help heal skin diseases, and make your skin tighter and firmer. Aloe Butter: Aloe Butter has a PH level almost identical to our own skin. This makes it an excellent moisturizer as it will easily absorb into your skin. Aloe Butter contains necessary vitamins, minerals, amino acids, proteins and enzymes that all work with your skin to correct any deficiencies or problems.

Aloe Butter helps keep your skin very smooth and soft and has been used for centuries for medicinal purposes. It has been used to help control acne, heal cuts and burns and abrasions.

Castor Oil: Castor Oil is a very pale yellow liquid that is extracted from castor seeds.It is an anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant oil which has been used for centuries for its therapeutic and medicinal benefits.

Successful studies have approved the use of Castor Oil for skin infections and other skin problems such as sunburn, abrasions, acne, dry skin, boils, warts, stretch marks, liver/age spots, athletes foot and chronic itching and inflamed skin.

Castor oil is a natural emollient that penetrates the skin and helps stimulate the production of collagen and elastin which can soften and hydrate the skin.

                         All of our creams are FRESH MADE DAYLY ALWAYS!!

       with Rosemary