The word castile is a reference to La Castilla - a region in central Spain historically significant in the history of soapmaking. Castile means any soap made with pure olive oil and nothing else!

Our 100% Olive Oil Liquid Castile Soap is a true Castile soap with no harsh foaming ingredients. True Castile soaps are the mildest and most moisturizing of all soaps. So mild that newborn babies can use them. Most liquid soaps that claim they are Castile soaps are not made with 100% olive oil. They usually have coconut and or palm oil included in the ingredients.

Ours is made using only extra virgin olive oil from Greece making it a true Castile Soap.

A true Castile Soap is always ‘100% olive oil’ and NOT ‘mostly olive oil.’

Our Castile liquid soap Is free of artificial colors, fragrances, preservatives.

Our Castile Liquid Soaps are used for  Hair  and body wash, hair shampoo, sensitive skin, baby shampoo, Shower,  Pets, animals  and for general purpose cleaning in your house!

We make our liquid soap extra thick...not just "liquid"!

THE REAL experience from LONG ISLAND ORGANICS house!!

Size: ONE GALLON (128 FL oz) Jag!

Give the best treat to your self or loved ones!! 

                                        Simply exquisite!!

Once you try our Organic  liquid soap  you will NEVER go back to the commercial shampoos!!
Commercial shampoos are often detergents that strip the hair entirely and then use chemical additives to correct the problems they create. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and Sodium Laureth Sulfate, often manufactured from petroleum, are harsh detergents added to create foam as you shampoo. The same substances occur in car washes, engine degreasers, and garage floor cleansers. Two other petroleum derivatives, Propylene Glycol (PG) and Butylene Glycol (BG), work to deliver shampoo formulas, but they do so by soaking into our skin and debilitating the protein and cellular structures there. Consider whether you want a substance on your hair that can remove barnacles from boats and is found also in industrial-strength antifreeze….OUCH!! 
Also all comercial shampoos are made from 80% water....hmm...this is what you realy pay?..or you pay the name,the advertizing, the models, the stores, middle man, fancy bottles..etc,...just think about what you realy pay and use for your hair and body!!

“Long Island Organic” soaps and shampoos  are all natural pure oils and butters and handmade in small batches with lots of love and care, made exclusively for us, to our exacting specifications, using only the finest available ingredients. They are eco-Friendly with Organic Oils and Butters, essential oils, or non alcohol fragrances.

We've spared no expense and cut no corners to produce the finest Quality Shampoo Soap!!


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