Our Plumeria  Body and Hand cream for Women and Men is especially formulated from only the highest quality of ingredients with Pure  Grapeseed oil, Raw Shea Butter, as well as extra Vitamin E and Beneficial  Essential oil from Plumeria flowers!!  
             It is a truly marvelous Cream with Plumeria's exotic aroma!

Organic Raw SHEA BUTTER: Organic Shea Butter can be considered a natural vitamin A cream. Vitamin A contributes to organic shea butter’s ability to help every type of skin problem.

Organic Shea Butter is also rich in Vitamin E. This allows the shea butter to increase circulation and blood flow to the skin thereby allowing more oxygen to reach the tissues and also serve as an anti-oxidant to prevent skin damage caused by free radicals.

The benefits: the whole skin layer is receiving the moisturisation and vitamins, rather than just the surface layer of the skin. *Contains vitmain E *Deep penetrating *Absorbs quickly

All of our creams are FRESH MADE DAYLY ALWAYS!!
                         I LOVE THIS CREAM!!

Size 2 oz- 4 oz and 6 oz jar